Stores by Thinqs

Stores is the Management Dashboard
and Control Center for Retailers

  • Chat with Customers
  • Manage all your Stores
  • Manage all your Products
  • Get Insights into the Market

Powerful Analytics

More Insights into your Stores, Inventory and Customers for you to act upon.

Always Ahead

Be ahead of the competition by recognizing
Trends through Stores Analytics.

Reach your Customers

Thinqs makes it easy to engage new customers while retaining existing ones by delivering them the Information they need the most.

Plug & Play

Stores is build to work perfectly alongside your current software solutions.

Understanding Data

When we get your Data we take it apart, analyze it and index it so that you have an easy time understanding what happens.


One channel for all your datastreams makes it as easy as possible to use multiple industry solutions out of the box.


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