Making Offline Shopping as Easy as Online

We have a vision for Thinqs, making offline shopping as easy and convinient as online shopping.

Although it is not an easy venture, we think it will be important to us in the future. Giving the consumer all the available choices with 100% transparency as well as saving time in the process.

To do this we will deploy Thinqs in Steps:


Discover Stores by searching the
product you are looking for

At first we will develop a smart search, with which you are able to look for products in physical stores around you.
This way you are able to directly look for the product you want which is far more natural than the alternative of looking for stores which might have the product.


See what products are
featured in stores around you

Additionally to finding all your favorites products you can now also browse all the products of stores around you like you would online in any ecommerce store.

3. Chat with Stores

Communicate with stores via a easy build in chat

Thinqs will feature an in app chat function so you are able to communicate with nearby retailers.
This enables you to ask a retailer for more details and check availability.

4. Offline E-Commerce

Use Thinqs as your ecommerce shop for all the offline retailers in your area

Search, browse and shop products from nearby stores like you would on your favorite E-Commerce site.

5. Thinqs Delivery

After you are already able to browse nearby shops as you would on a website, we now want to deliver those products to you like other E-Commerce shops already do.


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